A simple and clean line of apparel that communicates our fundamental good news of the universe - we're all equally worthy and valuable.
We need each other. We are them. They are us. 

Simon Sinek says every new business venture should start with why. 

Why are we doing this? 

We're a little ticked off at some of the things happening in our nation and around the world. We're a lot inspired. We're empowered. We're moved.  To resist the systems that raise some at the expense of others. We're fighting inequality. Of every kind. 

We understand it has to be more than shirts. But we also understand that we're all walking billboards, often proudly displaying what it is we vote for every day and that those billboards can be powerful. They can remind, they can provoke, they can spur and they can encourage. We're fine with any of those options. 

We hope that some shirts and words can inspire us all to do more. To stand up for any kind of demeaning language and/or action directed at any group of humans and to fight for equal rights, equal pay, and an all around perspective that sees every human for what we are: beautiful, valued, beings full of tremendous potential and power if we just believe it.  

Start spreading the messages and start living the perspective of a republic of equal. 


Expect 2-7 days for fulfillment, standard shipping. 1-3 days on rush. 

Our return policy is simple: if you don't love it, of course you can return it. Just give your name and a brief description of why you don't love it and we will work with you on the next steps!